Funding the Community Exchange project

To provide the services for the Community Exchange costs a considerable amount of money; all the systems, and those of Digital Diversity, are run on servers hosted by Nigel Whitfield, a computer journalist.The Internet connectivity alone costs over £8,000 per year, and in addition a large amount of money is spent on equipment and upgrades.

Obviously, the project is not intended to recover all those costs, but to make them a little more bearable and to ensure that the provision of the services that are offered is dependent on more than one person.

To that end, a target of 100 members in the first twelve months has been set, with a minimum donation of £25 per member. Any additional money raised above this amount will be used to enhance both the service provided to members, and the free facilities provided.

What exactly is money spent on?

The bulk of the ongoing costs are directly related to the Internet connection. Other expenditure is on computer equipment, which needs to be upgraded from time to time. For instance, the web server on which the Community Exchange project runs has recently had 2Gb of disk space added, and the mailing list server has been provided with a new motherboard, processor, disk controller and memory to make it more robust. Funding is also provided for a freephone number, which allows the maintainers of some mailing lists to provide a service without incurring any additional costs of their own.

After the target amount of £2,500 is raised, it is planned to use any additional funds to add an additional system to the network to help spread the load between computers and make it easier to offer additional facilities.

What are the free services that members subsidise?

There are a number of facilities provided at present on the systems; some are Digital Diversity projects, some are personal projects, and others are for different groups and organisations. If you have a mailing list, or a community group that you believe would benefit from a service, please contact with more details.

These are some of the current services:

A general lesbian, gay and bisexual support and discussion list for people in the UK. uk-motss-women is the women-only counterpart.
A support and discussion list for HIV positive people in the UK and Europe
Gay skinheads
For gay skinheads in the UK and Europe
Discussion and listings of TV programmes with queer interest
A membership announcements list for the lobbying group
A list for gay people in Singapore
Gay and lesbian political discussions and campaigning
A web server providing homes for lesbian, gay and bisexual information
Queer Resources Directory
The UK mirror of one of the world's most comprehensive lesbian and gay archives

You can find out about other mailing lists by sending a message to with the command

on a line in the body of the message.

We make no bones about the bias towards lesbian, gay and bisexual projects; that's the background from which this project grew. We're happy, however, to support mailing lists and web pages of all descriptions - all we ask is that they too be in a similar spirit of tolerance, and don't include information that will jeapordise the service for anyone else.

So, if you'd like to be a member, all we ask is a donation of at least £25 per year. More details of how to join are on the next page.