E-mail addresses at the Community Exchange

Membership of the Community Exchange provides you with a POP3 mailbox on the server, which can be accessed using a range of different programs, such as Eudora, Microsoft Internet Mail or Netscape. There are no restrictions on the name that you may have, as long as it doesn't clash with anything already taken, or any needed for system administration.

Your e-mail address will be of the form name@commex.org. Even if you have e-mail elsewhere, you may find it useful to have a short memorable address like this.

You may use your address for anything legal that you wish, including commercial purposes, but you may not use it for sending mass unsolicited e-mails; doing so is a breach of the conditions under which our Internet connection is provided, and could jeapordise everyone's use of the system.

There is no limit to the amount of storage that you may use for your e-mail, but once again remember that this is a shared resource, so we would ask that you don't leave large amounts of mail on the server when it has already been read.