Web space at the Community Exchange

Membership entitles you to web space on our server, which provides facilities for web counters and running scripts. We do not put any restrictions on the material that you may publish, as long as it is legal, and ask that you not publish material that could result in action being taken against us.

Please note that this server is really designed primarily for people who want personal home pages; if you have a general interest site, we may be able to offer a better home for it at Digital Diversity. Remember too that we can make no guarantees about the quality of service; we rely on subscriptions and donations to provide the network hardware and connectivity.

What will my URL be?

Your URL will be of the form http://www.commex.org/sample/ where sample can be anything that is a valid string for a URL and hasn't already been taken.

How much space can I have?

We don't place any particular limit on web space, since most sites are pretty small; we have no objection to a member's site being at least 5Mb in size, and doubtless some will be larger. Please note, however, that should disk space become at a premium, we reserve the right to restrict the size of sites until we are able to add more space to the server.