The Community Exchange project has been set up to provide people with a space where they can receive e-mail or publish information about themselves on the web, free from interference by their employers, places or study or service providers.

Is that necessary?

In the case of service providers, the answer is almost always no; if you're doing something that breaches the contract you have with a service provider, then chances are that we won't allow it here - junk mail, material abusive of children and so forth are not welcome at CommEx.

But for an increasing number of people, their use of the Internet at work or college is bound by tighter restrictions on what they may say and do. In the last two years, Digital Diversity has been made aware of several instances of people facing disciplinary action, or even losing their jobs, for their personal use of the Internet, even if it had no effect on their work.

Whether it's receiving personal e-mail at work, or telling the world that you're gay on a web page, some employers are increasingly touch. The aim of the Community Exchange is to allow people in that situation to continue to participate in the net community by providing them with a home for their e-mail and personal pages.

Who's welcome?

Everyone is welcome at the Community Exchange, regardless of politics, race, sexual orientation or gender. You don't have to have privacy problems to ask for services - if all you want is a short, memorable e-mail address, that's fine too.

All we ask is that you make a donation to the costs of the service, which helps us provide community services such as mailing lists free of charge, and that you agree not to use the Community Exchange as a way of disseminating material that is abusive of particular groups in society.

Remember, by making a donation and becoming a member of the Community Exchange, you are helping other individuals to communicate and to participate in forums that otherwise may not be available to them.

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